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How to Send Order Update Notifications to Your Customer

When you’ve received an order, you may sometimes want to send a note to your customer with updates, requests or a parcel tracking number.

Bare in mind, if you require the customer to respond, it’s better if you contact the customer directly by phone or email.

Sending Order Notifications

Step 1: Log into your vendor dashboard, go to the Orders section and select the relevant order:

Screenshot of vendor dashboard orders overview page

Step 2: On the relevant order page, toward the bottom-right, select Customer note (default option) then simply write your note and click Add Note:

Screenshot of how to create a customer notification note

Your customer will receive an order update email containing your note, which looks like this:

Screenshot of email notification received by customer

Sending Tracking Information

Once you’re ready to send tracking information to your customer, simply use the Tracking Number option, fill out the tracking details and submit:

Screenshot of inputting tracking information

Once submitted, your customer will receive an email shortly with the details:

Screenshot of email containing tracking information

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