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Medical Doctors: If a Plant-Based Diet Is So Beneficial, Why Hasn’t My Doctor Ever Suggested It to Me?

You’ve heard of, read about, seen with your own eyes, and perhaps even felt the benefits from a plant-based (PB) diet.

And it’s probably left you wondering why doctors aren’t recommending it left, right and center.

There can be several reasons for this; let’s have a look at a few.

Lack of Nutrition Training

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Most medical doctors receive little training in nutrition during medical school. In fact, only 29% of the schools in the United States satisfy the recommended minimum of 25 hours of nutrition-related education.

This means your doctor is very unlikely to discuss anything diet-related with you as part of a treatment plan.

For the same reason, they may have never even heard of the PB diet and its associated benefits.

Doubts About Your Willingness to Change

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In your doctor’s experience, it may be the case that patients rarely stick with any diet changes suggested to them.

They may, therefore, be unlikely to recommend a PB or any other diet.

Doesn’t Support a Plant-Based Diet

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Some doctors, who are more acquainted with various diets and nutrition programs, may choose not to support vegetarian or vegan-friendly diets for their patients.

Their reasoning may be lack of training or simply how ‘traditional’ they are.

In Conclusion

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The whole food PB diet is increasing in popularity as a long-term lifestyle choice that helps people every day reverse disease and improve their health.

Until it becomes common practice for physicians to recommend nutritional solutions instead of strictly drug prescriptions, the word “plant-based” is unlikely to be said from your doctor’s mouth.

If you need a healthcare professional and feel that a PB diet is the right approach for you, consider locating a physician or registered dietitian who supports this eating pattern.

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