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Find out If Our Approach Is Right for You

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If you’re wondering whether our approach is right for you, let’s go through the most important things you need to know.

Our Goal

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We’re here to help you:

  • transition to, fully adopt, and succeed through a plant-based lifestyle and diet
  • learn about this lifestyle, even if you don’t intend to go fully plant-based
  • be empowered with tools and resources to overcome various challenges
  • be healthy, happy and satisfied

Every lifestyle comes with its own set of obstacles, so we help you succeed to your new way of living.

We’re working to build a sincere and high-integrity community where you can take part in conversation and offer or receive help and support.

You’ll ultimately have the best experience with us if you answer mostly “yes” to the following questions.

Are You Ready to Learn How to Get the Most Success on a Plant-Based Lifestyle?

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Depending on your experience level with a plant-based lifestyle, you may need a good amount of time to orient yourself around the essential topics, which include:

  • what foods to eat (and which to minimize or remove)
  • knowing how to cover your nutritional needs
  • how to plan meals to save both time and money
  • how to do grocery shopping
  • food preparation and cooking techniques
  • how to tackle social events and traveling

Seems like a lot, we know. Just approach it at a steady pace you can cope with. Before long, you’ll be veggie savvy!

Are You Ready to Change Your diet?

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If you’re coming from a Standard Western Diet (SWD), chances are you’ve been living off foods you already know aren’t so great for health.

You know, the usual culprits… sugary, salty, refined floured and/or vegetable oiled food products loaded with additives and preservatives.

Add in ultra-processed animal food products and the likely negative outcomes shouldn’t be too surprising.

We’ll of course help you change that with a health-focused, plant-based diet.

And don’t worry about being forced into immediate and overnight changes. You’re in charge of you, take everything at your own pace.

Some people just want to switch to plant-based, while others want to improve their health further.

Are You Ready to Invest In Yourself?

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Changing to a new lifestyle comes with excitement as you begin to learn, try and experiment.

Many people that switch to plant-based and also turn to health too, report they feel better than they ever have done!

On the plant-based lifestyle, you’ll allocate a budget for purchasing fresh produce, pantry items such as:

  • non-toxic personal care, cosmetics and household products
  • kitchen appliances (such as blenders, food processors, and more)

Are You Excited to Get Healthy?

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There are several ways to follow a plant-based diet such as:

  • Switching to addictive and highly processed junk foods; simply empty calories and low nutrition
  • Enjoy the breadth of nature’s healthiest plant foods prepared into delicious meals and snacks
  • Or somewhere in between

For those seeking a super healthy plant-based lifestyle, you’ll likely want to avoid:

Corn (GMO), soy; non-ancient, refined and enriched grains; vegetable oils, margarine; refined sweeteners, flours and salt; chemical preservatives and additives, and any food products containing these ingredients.

Here’s what you want to increase and transition toward:

Raw and cooked fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, microgreens, sprouts, mushrooms, tubers, legumes, non-wheat gluten-free ancient grains and pseudocereals; nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, unrefined oils, and unrefined salts.

And you’ll want to aim for the best quality ingredients you can find and afford.

We not only want you to be a clever cookie, we want to see you become energetic and flourishing. Getting the right fuel into your system plays a big part in enabling that.

Take It Easy and Enjoy the Journey

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What you put on your body, the quality of the air you breathe, what you feed your mind, and how you think and feel, are all crucial things to consider on top of a great diet. They all play a role in preventing disease and keeping you vibrant.

So, you’ll realize achieving and maintaining positive health requires a lifestyle change (or adjustment).

And going plant-based happens to be a great point of entry. You give your life a solid overhaul and start fresh with a new perspective, newfound excitement, and sense of direction.

Don’t forget, this whole process should be low-stress. In other words, don’t overwhelm yourself thinking you have to do it all perfectly and at once. Take baby steps and change one thing at a time.

If it takes you a couple weeks or a couple years to really nail it and feel satisfied, that’s totally fine, what matters most is that you’re actually doing it.

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