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5 Things That Are Critical to Your Success

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As part of, or in addition to, promoting a plant-based lifestyle, there are a few things to consider, which we’ll cover here.

Taking a Holistic Approach

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We encourage taking a holistic approach to the way you live your life, day-to-day.

What you eat is only a part of a bigger puzzle; a puzzle that’s all about how to ensure you feel great, maintain health long-term, and develop the right mindset for success.

So, while we can talk about food, nutrition, and supplementation all day long, it’s also important to think about:

  • finding time for yourself to relax and unwind
  • incorporating practical stress management techniques as needed
  • daily physical activity
  • getting sufficient sleep at night
  • getting as much sunlight and fresh air as possible
  • sourcing and using non-toxic cosmetics, personal care and household products
  • creating positive energy between you and the people you spend the most time with

If you‘re not used to thinking along these lines, this may seem like a lot.

But there’s no rush, you don‘t need to conquer all these things at once. Start small—pick one or two points and focus on them until you feel you’ve honed them pretty well, then move on to the next piece.

Transitioning at Your Own Pace

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This part is equally important.

Some people do well starting off strict, jumping in head-first and pushing themselves to the limit while others take a slower route.

It really doesn’t matter how you approach it or if you slip up along the way, just keep moving forward at your own pace.

Even if you feel you can’t or don’t want to totally eliminate meat/dairy/eggs at this time or maybe never, this is totally up to you. We’re not here to preach to anyone. Whether you want to go fully plant-based or not, we’re here to give you the best resources so you can make the choices that are right for you.

In fact, for each junk food or animal food item, there are a few ways you can work them out of your diet as you progress toward a plant-based diet. Let’s use eggs as an example.

Replace with Plant-Based Equivalents of Same Food

There’s an endless array of products now and some look and taste so much like meat you’d be pressed to tell the difference.

Meat substitutes aren’t for everybody and arguably we’re looking at processed foods which some want to avoid or keep to a minimum. But if it helps some people transition then this can only be a positive.

A popular substitute is Beyond Meat who make everything from plant-based burgers, sausage and even ground protein.

There are other companies that make strips that resemble bacon and even egg that can be scrambled or made into an omelette. Of course, there are also an endless array of plant-based milks available, too.

With items such as these, you could arguably have the same diet as you always did and still be plant-based. For some, this is adequate while others may use this as a stepping stone towards a more healthy lifestyle.

Increase Servings of Plant Foods

If you want to go further than simply finding meat equivalents and really make the most of making a lifestyle change, you’ll be looking to phase out processed foods as much as possible.

Simply add more plant foods to your diet by increasing serving portions, which helps you reduce and eventually phase out processed foods altogether.

In summary

Whether you’re having a hard time with cravings or letting go of certain foods, it’s relatively easy to find plant-based alternatives to substitute with as we described above.

Don’t forget, we have literally hundreds of featured recipes regardless of which transitional phase you’re at.

What’s important is you don’t feel any pressure and you do what you must feel is right for you.

Clarifying Your Motivation

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Or, put differently, what people call “finding your why.”

Your “why” is the intention, purpose, goal and guiding light behind the decision and action you’re about to pursue.

It’s a reminder that’ll keep you on track when the going gets tough and is the force that’ll move you beyond excuses and urges to give up.

For instance, WHY do you want to adopt a plant-based lifestyle and diet? What’s your motivation? Why is it important to you?

Some of the reasons people do it, include:

  • their and their family’s health
  • losing weight and improving self-confidence
  • trying something new and different
  • withdrawing support for animal consumerism

Whichever is the source of motivation for your WHY, the most important thing is that you take the time to unravel it. Then, you’re a big step closer to being ready to start.

Getting Your Mindset and Attitude in the Right Place

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Along with a clear sense of motivation, getting your mindset, attitude and outlook in the right place is equally important.

Without these attributes, your journey onto a new lifestyle is likely to be affected or sabotaged by doubt, self-scrutiny, and fear of the unknown.

You’ll worry often, thinking about common sticking points and excuses for why you shouldn’t continue.

But something to keep in mind, no matter which direction you go, is you should only do it because:

  • it makes sense to you
  • you feel compelled and ready for it
  • you’re willing to put in effort to make it work

You must realize that your success at this or any other lifestyle and diet depends on your willingness to learn, implement, and execute; and to adapt and remain flexible.

That’s your winning ticket, and we’re here to help you make it happen.

Refine Your Knowledge and Continue Learning

Icon background of person reading

We’ll help you thrive on the plant-based lifestyle.

But, we’re also here to prepare you to think for yourself, and give you tools to problem-solve.

Understand there are no rules and everybody makes choices differently. Our purpose is to give you information, tools and ideas that will help you succeed, whatever you want to do.

Whether it be reduce your meat intake like going for Meatless Mondays, maybe you’re happy with the way you eat but just want to switch to plant-based, or you may want to explore what’s available in getting yourself the healthiest you’ve ever been, we’ve got you covered.

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